Are there natural remedies for personality disorders?

The doctor said that my daughter might have a personality disorder and wants to give her seroquel. She also has OCD, Anxiety, and Anger problems. I’m worried about putting her on medications and hope there are natural and less harmful treatment for her problems. Can anyone advise me, thank you


  • beautifuldoc2b

    Absolutely. I am so happy to see a parent out their taking responsibility for their child’s health instead of handing it over to someone else.

    First and foremost, pick up the book, "The Mood Diet." Effective for both children and adults. Did my life a world of good.

    The one prescription in that book that I still live by 2 years later in liquid amino acids. They have them for kids in tasty flavors, and within 15 minutes my moods have dramatically changed. But this is also contributed to a special way of eating and exercise.

    Have you put her into sports? Getting a child active helps them to work out frustrations, anger and helps them to focus and concentrate. Let her pick the sport, and support her 100%. This will do her a world of good.

    Have her see a counseler, not a doctor. A counseler can pinpoint where your daughter is harboring her issues and help her to work them out. It is vital that she does it now as a child as it will greatly affect her adulthood years. You can get free counseling services through school and/or churches.

    Have her see a chiropractor. If she is misaligned in any way, her nerves could be impinged and therefore she is not getting proper circulation to her brain which can cause mood disorders. It is non-invasive and completely safe. The adjustments also help to release natural endorphins and seretonin (your body’s "uppers") and help to regulate norepinephrine and epinephrine. Find a chiropractor who attended Palmer or Life Colleges only.

    Most important is going to be her diet, supplementation and exercise. Everything else you can test out to see if it will help. But that book is the best for recommending everything I am talking about here, walks you through the diet and supplements and gives testimonials on her pediatric patients.

    Good luck and God Bless.

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  • takemymulligan

    how old is your daughter? Personality disorders are not ogten diagnosed in children…get another opinion, preferably from a psychiatrist

  • Amarena

    I think you should go to another doctor, if your daughter is a kid. And if she’s a teenager, there’s no need to go to the doctor, because teenagers are like that, until they can understand who they are.
    Plus: prayers, eating a lot of vegetables and doing some sport she likes, trying to talk to her and listen to her more often(every day). That would be all!

  • If you’re serious about helping your daughter naturally, I have worked in the health food industry for a number of years and been to many seminars, retreats and classes. I have given you a number of sites to make an informed decision on how to proceed. There is alot to be said for whole foods, lots of fresh water, and sunshine. I have seen tremendous results in a number of children by adding fish oil to their daily regimen and alleviating the excitotoxins from their diet. Hope this helps!

  • lotus4yoga

    Seroquel is an anti-psychotic. (Doctors order it for pretty much everything these days though.)
    How about trying yoga or tai chi or meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy or breathing/relaxation techniques or acceptance and committment therapy? Anything! Yoga and mindfulness meditation do make people more kind, more empathetic towards others. (Not instantly, of course, you have to practice for a while.)

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