Foundation Routine Flawless Skin (Full Coverage Tutorial) Cystic Acne & Scaring Diamondsandheels14

Cassandra Bankson/Diamondsandheels14 MODELING with Acne-Anything is Possible 🙂 MEN: Tips & Tricks For Shaving Over Acne Without Making It Worse How To Control Oily Skin!!!! Model Foundation Routine: LOOK MAGAZINE READY IN REAL LIFE!!!…


  • MayuVocaloid3

    Hey, don’t listen to completely sorry, assholes that have no life. You are beautiful the way you are girl~! <3 You are more brave and strong than any of them. ^_^

  • lilmanstube

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  • Friduhhluvv Jonas

    I. Have never watched any of your videos but already you are inspirational

  • TheNerdyES

    You are brave..very… respect

  • Lolamercado56

    You are so beautiful. I was just wandering if you think all the makeup getting into those pores might have anything to do with you acne. I had the same problem with acne and I decided not to wear foundation just because I have such oily skin prone to acne. My skin is so clear now, I tribute it all to not wearing foundations except on important occasions. Give it a try;) couldn’t hurt right. Again you are very beautiful naturally.

  • jclee1967jl

    U have courage…and i respect that :-|

  • Lanae Kalmansohn

    You are beautiful

  • kelliegcockcroft

    You are so brave to make this video. You are a beautiful girl. Inside and out. X

  • farid sahak

    you very very brave to make this video … you very beautiful girl 🙂 like this video

  • BarbieBabesz16

    you’re beautiful! & you shouldn’t be insecure, & you got a lot of courage girrrl.(:

  • skylar willis

    I think you are beautiful 🙂

  • Jacqueline Idio

    really??? i will try that..thanks for the info.

  • cooookieraider

    Wow, I feel the exact same way as you I have so much acne and it’s killing me. Thanks for uploading this, shows me that I’m not alone 🙂

  • Ana Camila Millán

    WOW, i really respect you, you deserve more than makeup you know…I mean, a lot of people need to wear makeup everyday because of SOCIETY, we keep saying bad things about people like her, and they don’t deserve that, they’re like us, humans…LIKE EVERYONE ELSE…This video shouldn’t have dislikes…. You are beautiful without makeup girl, I love your bravery!
    Pd: Sorry about my English, I’m from Colombia y hablo español hahaha

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  • KatharinePierce

    don’t worry you still look beautiful without the make up <3

  • Eliss Violet

    you’re beautiful without makeup! :) wonderfull eyes!!!

  • shellanda56

    I feel the same way about my acne, thanks for the video.

  • Jennifer Wong

    Great video! You are flawless sweetheart! I will definitely try some of the products you recommend!This is a very brave thing to do, thank you 🙂

  • Evelyn Fox

    Thanks for the video! It was great, I wonder what guys would do…….

  • GabeLoser

    damn you are hot. whatever the case may be

  • Jonelle Ashley

    If you suffer from acne….Try cutting out dairy, meat, complex carbs and processed sugar. Only eat whole organic foods. The growth hormones in these processed foods are believed to boost acne-causing testosterone levels. Also apply raw apple cider vinegar as a toner and if you can handle it take as a supplement every day. After I started applying these things to my life my acne cleared up 

  • Baru Barunečka

    blow your nose!!!!!!!!!!
    But beaufiul 🙂

  • vikki10

    Birth control baby! It helps out A LOT

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