20 years older and fitter.

Now this is not an email to brag but let me explain….

I am part of a weight loss and fitness program with my daughter at our local gym. I basically joined the group to keep my daughter company and have been doing fitness training three times a week.

let me assure you this fitness training is not for the faint hearted and we run on the treadmill and then do resistance training ,then back on the running machine…you get the picture!

We do interval training and at the end of 45 mins I am  completely finished!

Anyway …here is what is interesting.

I am the oldest in the group. I am  60 and  apart from my daughter who is 18 the rest of the group are in their 40,s. Here is the thing….. last night I started the circuit 10 mins later than the rest and finished first. It was obvious I was the fittest there and I have not been a member of a gym for  7 years !

My secret?

Well for all you over 50s you will delighted to hear……….

My secret is regular walking. There is nothing else I have been doing.

For the last 7 years I have been a regular walker. I walk my dogs for no less than 50 minutes  3 times a week and each time  I make sure I walk at a good pace to get my heart rate up.

I love walking  and being out in the fresh air with the dogs. That is why walking  is a regular part of my life and an activity that  obviously has given me a good  level of fitness.

My witness to the benefits of walking have spurred me to upload a series of articles all about walking  and the benefits.

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