15 Male Health Anxiety?

Had health anxiety 6 mo. I used to be afraid of heart attack, now ive moved onto aorta aneurysm. I have GERD (acid reflux) , a small hiatal hernia and mild lactose intolerance.. I had a ekg 3 years ago when i got a new doctor all was good, the other day i was so scared of an aneurysm i went to statcare, the doc pushed on my chest, ribs, and belly said it felt ok, then ran an ekg, also normal, i am just so scared, i have been able to see a pulse on the left ribs and stomach), also in my left ribs sometimes it feels kinda wierd almost tense, it doesnt stop me from doing things though and it always goes away..the doc told me not to worry i didnt for 2 days then last night into today i have abdominal discomfort, lasts like a sec each, and my leg and butt and balls hurt when i think bout it, it all goes away quickly though..i know im a hypchondriact ..am i ok??
My mom and doc say its all anxiety..

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