Why would my doctor put these on my blood test … is he only checking the function of my thyroid?

He told me I needed blood work for something. That something is one the lab order, but I noticed after I left that there were other things requested, too. The lab order includes creatinine, T4, and TSH.

I tried looking on the web, but I couldn’t completely answer my own question. From what I can tell, T4 is thyroxine and TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone, and both relate to thyroid function. But what about the creatinine? I read that it’s related to the breakdown of creatine in the muscles. I read that it’s used to assess kidney function. I don’t see how that relates to me, though. Any ideas?

I’m going to ask my doctor eventually, but my next appointment isn’t until the end of June and even then I won’t be seeing the same doctor. I suppose I could ask the person taking my blood when I get that done next week. Until then, any knowledge will be appreciated.
My doctor is a psychiatrist, so the appointment was to get new prescriptions. I take Lithium and the blood work was to check my Lithium levels. In case it matters, I take Trazodone, too, to help me sleep. I guess I’m overweight, too, so is that what the thyroid inquiries are for?

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