Why Is Exercise Good For You?

We’ve all been hearing about the importance of exercise most of our lives. But why? Why is exercise good for you?

The short answer is that our bodies are designed to move. Our muscles, our cardiovascular system are all designed to work better if we maintain an active lifestyle supplemented by eating enough of the right foods.

Here is a list of some of the wonderful benefits you can get from maintaining an active lifestyle:

1. Prevent diseases and early aging. Keeping our insides healthy with proper diet and exercise can keep our outsides looking younger, longer. Tight toned muscles make any one look not only younger, but generally more attractive too.

2. Keeping your cardiovascular system running efficiently can improve your stamina. The more you do aerobic exercises, which is when you get your heart rate up to a certain point and keep it there for twenty or so minutes, you are actually increasing your lung capacity and helping it work more efficiently.

3. Weight control. Being overweight is bad for you. We all know that. But carrying around 15 or more pounds is really hard on your heart, your joints, your lungs, etc. In short, keeping your weight at the proper level means your body doesn’t have to work as hard.

4. Better quality of life. Who doesn’t feel better when they look better? Most everyone. Keeping yourself in shape by exercising regularly not only keeps your body healthy inside and out, but it keeps your mind healthy too. You will feel better both physically and emotionally, and you will have more confidence and higher self esteem.

Most professionals recommend that you get at least twenty minutes of cardio daily. That can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk.

I hope I’ve given you some information that will help you answer the question: why is exercise good for you?