Which is more dangerous too your health, Alcohol or Pot?

Which is more dangerous too your health, Alcohol or Pot?


  • It really depends on how much of either drug you are going to take! And of course your individual makeup.

    If you stick to the guidelines of under 20 units of alcohol per week and under 4 units per day (approx. differs between sexes) then there is unlikely to be a problem.

    As regards ‘pot’, some studies have shown that it may be a risk factor for schizophrenia.[1] Although these are not conclusive. They are mostly based on analysis of medical records? (e.g. cannabis users may also use other psychoactives, etc.).

    You’d probably smoke cannabis in conjunction with tobacco which has it’s own well-known health impact. But then again you might not. Remember that cannabis is likely illegal in your country!

    In conclusion I suppose I’d say that ethanol is after all a poison (LD50 in 80kg male (176.4lb) at about 15.5 shots of 80 proof alcohol depending on tolerance)[2]

    So, alcohol is probably the most dangerous to your physical health if you drink to excess whilst cannabis may be harmful to your mental health if you use, again, to excess.

    I’m disregarding other factors such as impaired judgment when under influence of drugs, etc. here.

  • thirsty mind

    ALCOHOL without a doubt.

  • Grouch

    Alcohol is more dangerous although pot messes with your memory.

  • lilmama

    well im not sure i do both

  • bekah!

    Alcohol, kills your liver or something.
    Weed is actually used for medical reason.

    The reaosn it’s illegal is because it gets your high, which is worse than being drunk and people do stupid things.

  • I don’t think anybody can say with 100% accuracy that one is better or worse for you. They can both cause damage when taken to extremes. Just be smart and don’t smoke, what is the point in it really? You will be so much happier in the long run when you can look back at these years and can say you never smoked pot.

  • Flower Power

    Do everything in moderation,,some ppl use pot for medical reasons,,seems to help their pain,alcohol is proven to be effective in stomach ulcers,and has antioxidants in wine,,so a little at a time thats the key to good health!

  • gefyonx

    I look at it this way:

    You cannot poison yourself with pot. Even at super high doses, it will not kill you.

    You *can* poison yourself with alcohol. It can kill you.

    Or another way to look at it…

    I can live wihout a memory (pot)
    I cannot live without a liver (alcohol)
    I cannot live without lungs (cigs)

  • Answer Fairy

    Neither is that bad if used in moderation…

    Although, if you drank six beers every single day, and smoked 3 bongs a day… the alcohol is worse.

    Constant use of alcohol (even in daily moderation) can ruin your liver, affect your central nervous system so you are no longer able to regulate your own body temperature, it can mess with your brain cells. Alcohol is more physically addictive and it alters your personality….

    Why? You trying to decide on the lesser evil?

  • JennAside

    Well, if pot were legal, alcohol would be worse for your health, it’s a serious toxin that attacks the nevous system giving you the "buzzed" feeling and the stronger attack on your nervous system is being drunk.

    The only reason pot is worse for your health at this time is because it’s illegal and winding up being arrested is gonna make you ill if anything would. Other than that, it’s just the huge amount of tar from smoking pot that makes it so bad, it’s got even more than cigs.

  • Baby Blue

    ALCOHOL without a doubt.

  • fluffy

    Alcohol. Who’s more succeptible to be in a car accident? A drunk. Who’s more succeptible to end up in a fight? A drunk. Who more succeptible to have a smile on their face?

  • Nothingusefullearnedinschool

    Why, what are you trying to do?
    Causing self-harm is a sign!

  • The chronic use of alcohol will kill you, and it is fairly easy to drink so much that you die from acute alcohol poisoning, since you can keep absorbing alcohol from the gut after you have passed out. The chronic use of pot will only make you act stupid (and maybe, years later, screw up your lungs), and it is almost impossible to smoke so much that it will kill you (you would pass out and stop absorbing the active ingredient). So alcohol is definitely more dangerous.

  • Alcohol is far worse for your short and long term health. No question.

    Plus, factor in that alcohol gets you way, way more impaired than pot, so you’re more likely to get yourself or others killed when drunk, as opposed to high on pot..

    I have no idea how alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Ridiculous.

  • VinVin

    Obviously Alcohol causes more death and more damage to the body.

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