What is the natural remedy that can be used as an antibiotic ?

I tend to get sick a lot mostly from bacteria (infection), allergy, mold, etc. Of course I am careful and try to keep the place allergy / mold free home. Whenever I get sick (bacteria infection / sinus infection / upper respiratory infection ) Conventional doctor would give me an antibiotic and I am feeling better in about 10 days. Fine. But I also know the downside of using antibiotic. What are the healthier better alternate ?


  • HELLO! My Name is Hugh Jorgan...

    Try Oil of Oregano, available at health shops. It’s a little expensive, but it’s a really good natural anti-biotic, MUCH better than Tea Tree oil. But are you sure it’s environmental and not maybe dietary? Try staying away from all grains for two weeks, and then no dairy, and see what happens.

    PS- I’m sorry, but colloidial silver is a scam…

  • Jana C

    Well don’t use an antibiotic then. There’s always Virlix, which isn’t an antibiotic.

    And you probably don’t take ascorbic acid. But if you don’t want synthesized ascorbic acid, you could always use the natural ones like oranges and apples. It is a source against infection a your lymphatic system’s capability.


    My friend Sherry just uses colloidal silver instead of antibiotics and swears by them.

    There’s also a prescription drug called Bactrim which works like an antibiotic but is not an antibiotic so it doesn’t kill all you good intestinal bacteria.

  • alc0035

    chaparral, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, myrrh, red clover and yellow dock, among some others. A blend of goldenseal and echinacea work best for me.

  • abossi

    Honey contain antibiotic

  • The Gorilla of your dreams

    I have bottles of colloidal silver to use an antibiotic. Antibiotics, although can be helpful with serious infections, they do more harm than good.
    Colloidal Silver is the best natural antibiotic out there.

  • angrydoc

    First, a correction to FYRE AND REIGN, Bactrim is an antibiotic, its generic name is cotrimoxazole. I prescribe it for a variety of infections.

    If antibiotics helped you in the past, why stop taking them when you need them? If you don’t want to take an antibiotic, you can let your body fight off the infection for you but that’d take longer without the meds and could possibly get worse.

    If you get an infection, stay home, rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat well, and take whatever medicine your doctor gives you.

  • Kristy L


    There is definately a downside to taking antibiotics, but if you need to, always take a natural probiotic formula to help maintain optimum levels of gut flora.

    If you really don’t want to take what the doctor ordered, try olive leaf extract. It’s said to be antibacterial, antifungal and have antiinflammatory effects.

    http://www.HealthyComparisons.com.au/Digestive_health.aspx or http://www.Healthycomparisons.com.au/Immune_Support.aspx

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