What are colon cleanse health risks of years of use?

I have used various of Colon cleaners for three years, and added more then the daily amount on the bottle. It has been a year since I had them but, I feel addicted since the years of use, and after….
I have stomach problems, my chest tightens, Blood in stools, etc. I even heard it causes cancer in the stomach, and etc. Is this true… If so, what other affects?
Could I have started to kill myself without even knowing?

I have been in the Hospital last summer dehydrated.

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  • EddySays

    You can irritate the bowel to the point of IBS or colitis.
    Colon cleansing can destroy the production of the thin layer of mucous that "slides" along the intestine.
    Lowers immunity system.
    Stop doing this.
    A high fiber diet can restore bowel health and get rid of the symptoms you describe.

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