Thyroid or overreaction?

I was just wondering if anyone one familiar with thyroid condition has experienced this:
Is it normal to have major mood swings and be overly sensitive? (almost like in PMS symptoms) I have noticed that I break down for every little thing and I am always angry and irritable, sometimes it it gets so bad it feels like I am in the bottomless pit of despair and i can no longer take what life throws at me. I cry and often even get suicidal and I don’t understand why! I know as as a 17 year old teenager you go through emotional changes and such but I honestly get ticked off for every little thing! Example: There was a day where I had to get somewhere fast and I didn’t get plenty of time to get ready and I could not find my sweater. i started getting angry and looking everywhere for it I even yelled at my sister to help me find it,as all this was going on I started bawling my eyes out and felt hopeless and frustrated…I then completely forgot about the sweater and continued bawling my eyes out and curled up on the floor in utter despair. I just cannot handle high stress situations. am I crazy..No but I seriously think something is wrong with me.

I can assure you I am not mental… and I am certainly not bipolar…though sometimes I would love to say I am. .Does sound like a hormonal imbalance? (It is worse before my menstrual cycle and I can take criticism or I loose it) Or do I have anger issues…what is wrong with me??

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  • Ben .

    thyroid disorders, particularly hyperthyroidism, tend to produce symptoms like irritability and anxiety, but a long list of other symptoms like rapid weight loss, muscle weakness, insomnia, hair loss, and heat intolerance (heat intolerance is the one symptom specific to hyperthyroidism).

    As a nurse, I can tell you what it looks like to me; You are a teenage girl. Hormones are running high, you are under a lot of stress and your body is going through a whole lot of changes in a short period of time. Its normal to feel confused and out of place. Does this mean you’re "mental"? No. We all have good days and bad days, and teenage years are the roughest. Believe me, life gets so much better after high school.

    If you’re seriously concerned about your thyroid, talk to your doctor and ask him to run a TSH or T3/T4 lab test; this is a simple blood test that tells how your thyroid is functioning and if it is possible to blame.

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