Three ways on how to overcome apathy:

Know what apathy is and where to begin on dealing with it:

Apathy is the lack of having any concern, enthusiasm or even a lack of interest in something and or someone. This is a feeling that everyone can experience and in some cases with some people it is more severe but there is a difference in apathy from experiences that are in the past and apathy that is from the current time of what you can feel now and or things that you are going through now such as issues with peers or the social structure of school; these are aspects that you can control with that being said it simply means that somewhere inside of your head is what made you see the outside world of today in a view that is so apathetic.

The feeling of apathy has been associated with depression or at least being upset and or even angry but since you can have people in the same room and one sees the world as good while the other sees the world as bad you can see how it is based on their views to see how they feel about the world. This reassures that it is in the mind and is something that can be overcome, even if it is something from the past, it may take time and it can be very hard but it is worth it and once you start to see things in a brighter light you will slowly begin to see more and more good. You will also feel it and live it; there is a lot of passion and excitement around you, you just need to reach out and grab, take matters into your own hands and live a life that you are going to be happy with and enjoy.

After you know what apathy is then you need to make some goals and have some plans in order to change your life for the better like how it is mentioned above. The most common way that people can feel apathy is if they don’t see a purpose in their life and if they are lost. So a way that is easy to fix this is to have goals; start with something small and with each win make the next goal slightly bigger or have it take a bit more time to reach that goal. Once you have some goals set you should create a list of steps that you should follow in order to be able to reach those goals.

Lastly, reading a book is very helpful, it will take your mind off of things and let you go into another world for a bit and while this is happening your blood flow to the brain will be increased which leads to there being more neural connections. Having your mind be somewhere else is one of the best things you can do for yourself because in most cases the feeling of apathy will get worse just because you are sitting there thinking about all the negativity when your focus should be on all the positivity that there is.