The Truth About Muscle Building

These 3 strategies will literally hand you slabs of new lean muscle and get you stupid ripped faster than you ever thought possible.

The way you’re eating right now is actually crushing your muscle building potential, bringing your metabolism to a screeching halt and forcing your body to store fat.  Ditch the old-school method of bulk then cut.  It’s outdated and will only drive your body to soft, skinny and ugly.  These 3 strategies will transform you to a buff, ripped beast.  Sounds crazy right?  This is 100% science based and has worked on countless frail, weak bodies.

I’m going to show you the three biggest nutrition mistakes you absolutely MUST avoid if you want any chance of gaining noticeable, head turning muscle.  Do you spend hours at the gym and still look the same each and every week?  I’ll bet you’re making at least one of these mistakes.

You’ve tried everything, right?  There are so many programs and diets out there that it’s impossible to figure out what to follow.  Which one will really get you that muscular, ripped body you deserve?  Which one will make girls froth at the mouth and guys want to be you? The harsh reality is this: for most guys, packing on lean muscle seems almost impossible.  UNLESS you use this simple “trick” that I stumbled upon.

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  There is a way to pack SLABS OF LEAN MUSCLE on to your body without eating bland, boring food all day long.  You can build muscle without taking drugs, without spending hours at the gym and you can build muscle even if you’ve got the worst genetics on the planet.

I have to admit, this story is extremely EMBARRASSING for me.  I just have to tell you though, so you understand that you too can change your life and become that guy at the gym.

My name is Andrew Beatty, owner of a super successful boot camp, muscle building coach to two top rugby teams and mentor to countless clients online.  I haven’t always had muscle. I struggled for years as a fat kid.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t build muscle or burn fat.  At 9 years old I remember the most popular kid, whose face has always haunted me called me ‘blimp’. I was fat.  There was a famous soccer player called Andrew Impy, since my name is Andrew and this particular soccer player was carrying some extra fat he decided to name me after him, followed by a catchy little song:

Ironically, that same guy is an unemployed drug addict now, his partner in crime is in jail and my pal that tagged in with their jokes has type 2 diabetes.  Strange how things work eh?

At 13 years old I rocked the nickname “Meaty Beatty”.  Just recently when I thought it was long behind me, we were having dinner and my…