Positive thinking vs Affirmative thinking

  Did you know that there is a difference between positive thinking and affirmative thinking? For years now we have learned from personal development gurus that our success is determined by what we think and say about ourselves. We have learned over time that positive thinking should develop more successful individuals. Many of today’s personal development books point to the

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Exercise With Arthritis


  While you might believe that exercise would be contraindicated, when you suffer from arthritis it is actually quite the opposite. Individuals who had arthritis years ago were advised not to exercise thinking that it would damage the joints. But today, researchers have identified specific advantages for those who do exercise after the diagnosis of arthritis.   Prior to starting

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Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here it is, a Full Vegan Meal Plan for you to lose weight effectively or even to maintain your weight! You can try it even if you are not a vegan. =)     As Vegans / Vegetarians, it is important to have enough protein in your meals, hence all the ingredients I chose are high in protein.    

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The Benefits of Juicing

  The benefits of juicing goes well beyond just drinking juice from raw fruits and vegetables. Squeezing liquid from plants is as old as the study of agriculture itself. It wasn’t until the 20th century that drinking juice consistently became popular as a tool for improving health. This change came about largely because of the growing popularity of the Naturopathic

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Vegetarian weight loss


  We all know that Obesity is a growing problem. Two thirds of Americans and the UK population are overweight. More and more people are searching for a natural weight loss options and a vegetarian weight loss program will fit that bill. The commercial market is flooded with diet supplements and weight loss programs. My belief is that natural options

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Becoming a Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian is easier than you might think. Vegetarian eating is different but not difficult; it takes commitment, but it isn’t rocket science. First you have to distinguish what type of vegetarian you are most interested in becoming and, more importantly, why? People become vegetarians for many reasons. You may convert to vegetarianism because of religion, animal rights, and

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