Want Arthritis Pain To Go South? Then Start Heading East


Did you know that Asian countries like Japan, China and Thailand have some of the lowest arthritis rates on the world?   Why are US arthritis rates skyrocketing, –expecting to double in the next 50 years– while theirs continue to plummet?   Scientists are hard at work attempting to get to the bottom of this East meets West arthritis question.

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Joint Pain

Joint Pain Joint pain is a generic term used to describe discomfort and pain stimuli which originates from the joint or joint space. And, joint pain can be caused by several different types of injuries or conditions. However, no matter what the cause, it is usually bothersome and uncomfortable, if not downright painful.   Joint pain can be caused from

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What is Degenerative Arthritis


Degenerative Arthritis Osteo arthritis is a condition that affects the joints, or specifically the cartilage that cushions two bones within the joints. The cartilage breaks down and provides less cushion, resulting in pain, swelling and deformity. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis because of the nature of the disease.   The wear and tear on the cartilage is degeneration

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Symptoms of Arthritis

  Arthritis is a global medical term that describes over 100 different conditions, all of which affect the musculoskeletal system of the human body. The word literally means inflammation of the joint and the majority of those 100 conditions are chronic, debilitating and sometimes require significant treatment to keep an individual mobile and healthy.   But those are the rare

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