STOP eating these high-fiber foods (they SLOW your metabolism)


 Let me explain.

2-3 times a week I go down to the college canteen and order a takeaway soup.

What comes with the soup is a slice of wheaten bread and I always politely refuse when offered.

I refuse because I want to lose a few pounds and I know that wheaten bread is one of the major contributors to a slow metabolism.

Now since I am in my 50s my metabolism is slow enough without making it any worse!

I know that people in the queue behind me for the most part believe that whole wheat bread is healthy and a good source of fibre in our diets.

However it is true that a major contributor to a slow metabolism is in the overconsumption of whole grains and often food that are promoted as being high in fiber.

 Lets look at some culprits….

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Grain Pasta

Bran flakes and other Wheat-based “Fiber” Cereals, 

Whole Wheat Tortillas and Wraps

Ok these foods do have more fiber than the white flour based equivalent but they destroy the blood sugar and cause a rise in the hormone insulin.

When I tell my students about this they are always surprised to hear that 2 slices of whole wheat bread will raise the blood sugar more than a candy bar or high sugar drink!

This is because the wheat we eat today has been so modified and bombarded by toxins to give a higher yield that instead of being healthy and good for the digestive system they are in fact a major contributor to the obesity epidemic we have on our hands today.

In addition to this they are digested rapidly and so offer no metabolic benefit and only adding inches to our ever expanding bellies worldwide.

At the other end of the scale Protein is much more complex and as a result it boosts metabolism and you burn up to 30% of the claories you eat during the digestive process.

So if you swap the wheat for the protein then you will boost your metabolism, burn more fat and do wonders for the waistline.

Sounds good?

Yes it is…very good … but there is an easier more practical and faster way to boost your metabolism each day and even when you sleep.

Research has shown this strategy to result in 4 times greater weight loss than when you do not incorporate this strategy into your daily routine.

You can take advantage of this scientifically proven strategy practically without a second thought and in less time that he takes for you to brush your teeth.

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