Quick Tip: Covering ACNE

♡♡♡ MORE INFO ♡♡♡ Don’t Forget to click the “LIKE” button if you enjoyed! Thank you so much for watching!! I have a few videos where I used the cover girl aqua smooth before powder if you prefer that method!! Again, I only use this foundation as a concealer on my trouble spots,…


  • mamichula8153

    Yay! Thank you!

  • mamichula8153

    I have a video all about my contour/bronzer/highight!! 🙂 Check info box!

  • mamichula8153


  • mamichula8153

    Thank you!!

  • mamichula8153

    Thank you so much!!

  • mamichula8153

    Thank you for watching!!

  • mamichula8153

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • CristinaSaysWhat

    Thats your worst?!! So lucky hahah you have no scars

  • 4beautee

    Can you do a review on the advanced mineral foundation? It looks amazing on your skin!

  • Mavale15

    did u used a primer?(before your powder  foundation)

  • BeautyStar4EVER13

    loved the video! i ordered the elf concealer pallet, hve you triend it and do you like it?

  • jdubnme08

    Thank you for this!!! And for putting it all out there 🙂

  • chrissie lam

    I think your skin is gorgeous!

  • Tiffany Ramirez

    you offer great tips!

  • Prayaga Anu

    love you dear!


    Good tip mama.i nvr even thought about usein concealer after

  • Germanica Blattella

    ♥ ♥ ♥ you have a very nice channel ♥ ♥ ♥
    Please subscribe to my channel

  • evry1luvsJewls

    sometimes i really wish i could use powder foundation, it seems so light and nice, but my skin is so dry. it looks fine without, but when i use powder it just makes it look really dry

  • Saira fuentes

    The elf powder brush is 3$ at target

  • 24carlam

    thanks for this video..it was helpful!!!! too bad when i try to cover my acne i end up looking really cakey..your lucky you have no indented scars..i have them all over my face and i feel really insecure about it..can you do a video on indented scars and how to minimize the look of them??

  • missjoanna95

    Could you please make a video on how to get even skintone? You may have acne and scarring, and I do too, but my skin looks a hundred times worse than yours because on top of that my skin isn’t even at all 🙁 And also, even though I don’t have zits all the times I still have annoying “bumps”, could you make a video on that and to make that go away as well? This is a real self-esteem thing for me… Wish I could just claw it off lol. Thumbs up so she can see? <3

  • Elistar781

    Ugh I swear everytime I watch ur vids I go out and spend more money lol no bueno !!! Yhnx for the tips they are always soooo helpful!!!

  • Evelina Qvick

    skip to 2.55 for the tutorial, you welcome 🙂

  • HypedxxGyaliie

    Babe please don’t discourage your skin like that. I swear your skin is near perfection and some will go to extreme lengths to have the skin you have! That “breakout” is sooo minor compared to what people with mild-severe acne have to suffer with so please be grateful of it because it’s honestly not bad AT ALL! You’ve been blessed mashallah! 🙂

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