natural home remedies for anger problems?

i need some kind of remedy or over the counter drug to help get rid of my anger outbursts, i do not have insurance to see a doctor or counsler of any sort. I also will not let weed be an acceptable answer, as it is illegal where i live. I am bipolar and become very aggitated easily and out burt in anger. I have a very sensative dog who takes it to heart and gets upset when im angry so i need something fast. I also heard exercise is good but i cannot excercise without being so short of breathe. any ideas?
and can anti depresants make you angry? i have to take amitryptoline for my IBS and i feel that it makes me angrier and more depressed than what i already am
sometimes i dont really realize im mad or what i do until after ive done something like scream at my dog or slam a door, its almost like i black out when im really angry
im not using the anti depressant for my anger, if you read up above im using it for my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) my doctor prescribed it to me genius and yes i know weed is illegal in most states but everyone tells me to use it, i was just stating so i dont have idiots telling me to use it

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