Is Invisible Bacteria Making You Fat?

A remarkable study cited by “diabesity” expert, Dr. Mark Hyman,
found mice who had all good bacteria in their digestive tracts,
or NO “bad” bugs (i.e.bacteria) in their guts, had 42 percent LESS body fat…

This was despite the fact they ate 29 percent MORE calories
than the control group of mice.

Even more remarkable, when the “bad” bacteria were reintroduced
into the guts of those same mice, there was a 57 percent increase 
in body fat AND insulin resistance…

If you want to lose weight and improve your insulin resistance you
need to heal your gut….

The first step is eliminating foods that are inflammatory:

– Sugar
– Wheat
– Gluten
– Over the counter Dairy
– Soy
– Fructose

Secondly…you need to balance your good bugs-to-bad bugs in your gut…

Having an imbalance of bad bugs-to-good bugs can negatively
impact your metabolism, affect how your 
brain controls appetite
and, over time, create insulin resistance and STOP your body from losing weight—and burning fat. 

The good news is that this CAN be reversed with the right information.

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