How to whiten your skin fast at home

Despite the fashion in recent years being for deeply tanned skin, many people are now moving away from this and embracing a much paler look. If you have been a regular user of sunbeds, have spent large amounts of time in the sun, or have naturally olive toned skin, then this may be difficult for you to achieve – or so you are probably thinking. However, you would be mistaken, as there are a large number of home remedies that you can use to achieve a lighter skin tone.

The first thing that you must do is start avoiding the sun. If you do need to spend time outside, then you should first apply sunscreen to any areas of skin that are going to be exposed. It is recommended that you use one that protects against both UVA and UVB, and is a minimum of SPF 15. The use of sunscreen will reduce the reaction that your body has to the light, which is what normally causes you to develop a suntan. Your skin, when exposed to the UV rays in sunlight, produces a pigment called melanin, which darkens the skin. Reducing the production of melanin means that any new growth of skin will be a paler colour.

When you have begun avoiding the sun, it is then necessary to promote the growth of new skin, or you will not be able to see a difference for quite some time. Regular exfoliation of the skin, using a natural substance such as sugar soap, will encourage the removal of dead skin cells and promote faster growth. This means that new, pale skin will become visible more quickly.

You can also use a number of other methods to lighten the existing skin and achieve results more rapidly. Dab fresh lemon juice carefully onto the skin (if you are using this on your face, then avoid the area around the eyes). This will sting, but if you can cope with the sensations, it will be an effective skin lightener. Leave on for fifteen minutes if you can, and then wash off. You must do this after washing off any make up or moisturisers that you have previously applied.

Tea tree cleansers have a similar effect to lemon juice, but without the stinging sensation. This is most effective if you were naturally pale, but now have tanned skin.

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