Glycemic Index ..what is it?


This is a 18 part Academic mini course that covers what the glycemic index is and how you can use it to lose weight, reduce your Diabetes risk and increase your heart health

Each article is based on scientific fact.




What is the Glycemic Index

How is the Glycemic Index in food determined

Yes there are good Carbs

What is the effect of Glucose

The facts about Insulin

The glycemic index and Diabetes Connection

Incorporating the Insulin Index

Glycemic Index Benefits: Weight Loss

Glycemic Index Benefits: Reduced Diabetes Risk

Glycemic Index Benefits: Improved Heart Health

 Glycemic Index Benefits: Lower Cholesterol

 Go One Step Further with Glycemic Loading

How to Calculate the Glycemic Load of any Food

 Go One Step Further with Glycemic Loading

How to Recognize Low Glycemic Index Foods Easily

Glycemic Index Table


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