Don´t you just love the NHS?

Don´t you just love the NHS?

Ok there is a tone of sarcasm in that headline but I just had to write about my experience just a week ago.
As you know I have been on a quest to lower my cholesterol and have been posting my story on my blog here.

Some 7 weeks ago I went to the hospital for blood tests which is something I do every 8 months or so as I had a pituitary adenoma removed some 10 years ago ( story for another time) and they need to check my hydrocortisone and thyroxine levels on a regular basis.I asked the consultant if he could please include a cholesterol test among the others I had to get done ..So I had a cholesterol test done and a week later flew out to S.Africa for a month to see family and friends.(used to live there)
When I arrived back just over 10 days ago I looked for the blood results in my post….none there.

I had previously asked the consultant to send me a letter with the results in addition to the letter they would send to my GP. He made a note of this during our meeting. So back to looking for the results and guess what they weren´t in the post.

Since it Was at least 7-8 weeks since the blood tests were taken I rang the GP to find out and they had not received them either.
So I rang the Hospital and inquired about the results.
This is what I was told by a person in the endocrine ward.

“yes I have found your details but they have not been typed up yet”

…”Do you know when they will be type up?”

“Not sure …”

But they were taken 7 weeks ago is there any reason why they have not been typed up?

“Well its because some people have been off sick and also maternity leave”

(Guess that makes it ok then ?…..put someones health on hold)

“I will try to get them typed up and sent out to you”

That was the conversation…. From a top Hospital in the UK

Wow…I was completely blown away by her statement…why on earth would you say that to people who call concerned that they have not received their blood results.

So staff being off on maternity leave and staff sick is the reason for poor client care and not delivering the care values of the organisation?

I gave up on the Hospital and went to my local clinic and next week I shall get the results.

So check on my blog and I shall let you know if my quest at lowering my cholesterol is working.

That is my rant for the day !

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