does this natural asthma remedy work?

Spring is here, allergy season comes again. this is the first allergy season during which i am having to deal with asthma problems. i havent had a full-blown attack, but its scary to think that might happen. my mom has asthma, i know what it looks like.

anyway, im 16 and im taking 3 pills for other health problems…i feel old! so i thought i try a natural remedy for my new health issue (ugh). i found a remedy online (which is said to work for beginning stage asthma, which i think is what i have) and it says to boil 10 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of milk and take at night. it must be DISGUSTING. so i want to make sure it works before i put myself through that. lol. has anyone tried it? does it work? do u know anyone whos tried it? did it work for them?

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