could my thyroid be causing me to have dizzines?

Hello, I have been having vertigo for almost three months. I have seen two ear nose and throat doctors and neither one could determine what was causing my dizziness. In January I had a miscarriage and had the typical d and c procedure. However, I noticed that after I had the miscarriage that’s when the dizziness started. When I went to the ear, nose, and throat doctors both told me that my thyroid was enlarged. I would like to know if anyone thinks my thyroid is causing these problems.

When I first got dizzy I went to the er and was told I had fluid in my ears. But within two weeks the fluid was gone. But I still have the dizziness. It has improved, but I mostly have it when I change from a standing to a sitting position. Could someone please tell me if my thyroid could have caused the fluid in my ears and as a result caused the symptom of dizziness? I would really appreciate it if someone could please answer this question. Thank you and be blessed!

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