CDC Warning: Antibiotic Resistance Threat is Serious

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls
what we are about to tell you “one of the world’s most
pressing public health problems.”

And The World Health Organization warns that the 21st century will
be an “era in which common infections and minor injuries can
kill is a very real possibility.”

Consider Jim… he was a fit, healthy middle-aged man that
almost died after his colon perforated spilling a superbug into
his system. His condition… the otherwise easily treatable diverticulitis.

And then there is John, a healthy 27 year old that broke his
femur in an accident. John survived his injury but developed
a dangerous infection after a 6 week hospital stay.

The infection caused pressure around his brain that pushed part
of his brain into his spinal column making him a permanent
quadriplegic unable to breath on his own.

John died two weeks later. He was healthy and had his whole life
ahead of him.

Both of these people have one thing in common.

==> The antibiotics they were given to fight their infections

It’s a cold hard fact: Thousands of otherwise healthy men,
women and children are dying from common everyday infections,
right her in the western world—where we have one of the best health
care systems in the world, access to state of the art hospitals
and a doctor’s office and pharmacy on every corner.

Urgent Health Alert reveals why antibiotics don’t work and
what you must do right now to keep your family safe!

Anyone can become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria…
anytime and anywhere.

==>Learn what steps you need to take TODAY to protect
yourself and your family.

Take care


This is a very real threat and something I often discuss with my students in lectures.

Later today I am writing up an article of how this happens and also a story from my own personal experience. I will let you know when this is uploaded.