what can i bake with the following?

hi my parents are really busy so they cant take me to the shops and im realy bored and want to bake somthing… any way heres what i’v got in my cuboards: selfraising flour, plain flour, brown sugar, caster sugar, eggs, baking powder, margarine thanks for your time 🙂

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should i go out tonight?

i feel like sh!t, im tired, etc, the only thing i have with caffeine is dr pepper (are there any cocktails u can suggest with that?) or pro plus (ie the caffeine tablets which make me jittery, i said i would meet an acquaintance that was leaving for six years in jan so i wont see them again er, for

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not ADD , but need more focus? Natural remedy maybe?

I’ve developed bad sleeping habits to finish school work, overloaded with school work, apart from loosing focus I daydream, mental fatigue, forget, I struggle to keep up. You might say its sleep, but its not even when I am not sleep deprived its the same. Cold weather here doesn’t help … I am looking into some natural health remedies… I

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