Migraine Relief

For many years it was thought that migraines were a woman’s disease. Women were diagnosed with migraines when they were pregnant or they had become very stressed but it was believed that men rarely experienced a migraine. Today, we know that to be untrue and that men are also prone to experiencing migraine headaches, although not at the rate that

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Hypothesis for lowering blood pressure

hypnosis for lowering blood pressure Many people suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. The fast paced world that we live in often has a negative impact on our health. As we try to force more and more things into our daily lives we neglect healthy habits that will keep our bodies from suffering or experiencing chronic disease, such as

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High Blood Pressure -natural ways to reduce it

high blood pressure natural ways to reduce Your blood pressure is an important value for you to monitor throughout your life. High blood pressure is called the ‘silent killer’ because it usually has no symptoms and increases the risk of kidney failure, heart failure, heart attacks and strokes. There are high blood pressure natural ways to reduce but, before know

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Colon Health

Colon health Many people suffer from ill colon health and are not even aware of it. A sign of good colon health lies in the stool that is excreted from your body. An indication of general good stool patterns is the ability to excrete two or three stools that are formed each day. This first stool and the lengthiest should

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Headaches caused by Chronic Fatique

Headaches caused by chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, is a complicated condition that affects between 1 and 4 million people worldwide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. estimates that those numbers are low because many people don’t seek medical care for their symptoms. Of those who are diagnosed approximately 25% are unemployed or claiming

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Symptoms of Chronic fatique

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition that is often difficult for physicians and patients to diagnose. The symptoms can be confused with other medical conditions, especially fibromyalgia. Both of these conditions have similar symptoms but with different proportions. For example, fatigue is a symptom that is common to both diagnosis but in chronic fatigue

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Flourless Fudge Brownie Bites (guilt-free)


Make Healthy Desserts for 2018 with this incredible offer today from our friends at Paleohacks…   Flourless Fudge Brownie Bites (guilt-free)   Mmm…healthy Paleo chocolate fudge brownies, key lime pie, banana bundt cake, and more…seriously!   There I was, sitting at my kitchen table as my wife pulled out a piping hot fudge brownies from the oven — They smelled incredible!

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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?


  Why Bother Knowing Life Purpose?   We bother about knowing our Life purpose because it is  important for us to have a plan for where we want to go. If you understand your lifes purpose then it will give you a meaningful compass in which you have direction and guide in your life. If you’re looking to move into

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Why you must stop drinking Coke

We all know by now that Sugary drinks are considered a major contributor to health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.    However very few of us actually know what happens to our bodies after we consume these drinks and that is is what I am writing about here When I am at a certain stage

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Great Gel of coconut oil with aloe vera

I think all of us know about the benefits of aloe Vera Gel and Coconut oil. Over this last year there have been many articles flying across the net about the benefits of coconut oil and a great oil it is. I use coconut oil every morning as a moisturizer. So How do we use this oil for skin problems

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What is the Brain Pill?


What is Brain Pill?   It’s not NZT but it’s the kind of pill you might see in Limitless. 74-time Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings uses it to stay sharp. Yes, we must be talking about the natural cognitive booster, Brain Pill – the supplement used by everyone from students to businessmen and everyone in between to boost memory and related

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Low Carb Snacks (Ideas)

Low Carb Snacks (Ideas) Snacking throughout the day is actually healthy for you. According to the market research company, NPD Group, Americans who have the healthiest eating habits are snacking twice as often as those who don’t have healthy habits. (1) In fact, this is contradictory to some more conventional wisdom.   Most people find that 10:30am and 2pm are

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