Testicular cancer symptoms

  Testicular cancer is a type of cancer of the male reproductive organs. This type of cancer is not that common and the cure rate is very high. While it is true that men of any age can develop testicular cancer, it is more likely to be found in males between the ages of twenty and fifty-four. There are several

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Can Antibiotic Ointments Treat Pearly Penile Papules


Pearly penile papules is a condition with which many men have had to deal or live with. A great percentage of the male population is said to have been affected by those small bumps located on the head of the penis, thus it can be said that pearly penile papules is one of the skin condition with the greatest occurrence

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Prostrate Health

Prostate Health Prostate cancer can affect men of any age, but it most commonly affects men over the age of forty. A man can have prostate cancer and not be aware of it because it does not produce symptoms in the early stages and grows slowly.   There are certain factors that will put a man at higher risk for

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