Walking to Improve Self-Esteem

  Self-esteem is your confidence in your own worth or abilities. Some think of it as self-respect, self-regard or pride. Basically it is your overall sense of self-worth and personal value. If you have too little you can become depressed or fall into destructive or abusive situations. If you have too much you may feel entitled and have an inability

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Power Walking

  Walking is one of the easiest and simplest exercises you can do to improve your overall health, lose weight and improve your mood. However, research has determined that people who go out for a stroll, or cover a mile in 24 minutes or more, do not enjoy the benefits of exercise and in fact, will suffer the same risk

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Best Exercise to Lose Weight


You can lose weight without exercise, with just stretching or with exercise and better nutrition. The absolute best way to lose weight, keep it off and feel your best is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and to eat healthy well-balanced meals that stay under the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight.   Walking affords

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Walking to lose weight

Walking to Help Weight Loss Efforts Weight loss is a struggle that is commonly experienced by many who live in industrialized nations and follow a standard Western diet. Researchers have found that individuals who consume a plant-based diet have a significantly less risk for becoming obese. (1,2) Those who want to take off the extra weight are faced with a

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Calories burned running vs walking


People who exercise often want to know how many calories they are burning…..at least I  I do anyway! Many of today’s machines have this function built right into the processor. In fact, even some of the older model machines  give the athlete a good indication of how many calories they’ve burned while doing their daily routines. Athletes who don’t use

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Running Good for your Health?

  People who want to start running are looking for the reasons why running is good for your health. Runners also want confirmation that running, amid some of the bad press that  surrounds different sports, really isn’t as bad as the press  makes it out to be. So what is the truth? The truth is  that running can be good

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56 year old TURNS the clock BACK 10 years in 28 DAYS


It’s the #1 cause of weight gain, joint pain and osteoporosis in men and women over the age of 50! And… It’s totally preventable 🙂 So what are we talking about? I wanna address something called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia, is a Greek word that means “poverty of the flesh” and can otherwise be known as “Muscle Wasting!” Nearly everyone over the

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