Back To Grandparents …What Did They Eat and Why

lets have some fun and take a leap back in time.

We can see our grandparents with their small plot of land.This is where they grew their potatoes and their vegetables.

Running around that piece of land where the chickens. They got their milk from a farm or shop close by and they got their meat from the local friendly butcher

Got the picture?

Back to that statement …FOOD WAS FOOD


Their food was not packaged, our grandparents  never saw a food label.

They bought the food raw and they cooked it from scratch.

Now lets move forward a little to our parents.They were growing up in the generation that was getting its first experience of convenience food. They also had television where they were exposed to advertising and as they say in the song …”Times they were a changing”

So what exactly was happening?

Big business was happening and big business has caught on to the faster pace of life and the need for convenience. Of course in our parents defense when the food companies were getting in their stride our parents did not have the internet like we do today so they did not have access to the information that we have at our fingertips.

So if we combine all of these scenarios…increase in convenience, influence of advertising and the lack of any good education on food then for the first time ever our parents started to outlive their children

Let me remind you ….This was unheard of in our grandparents generation

What a shift in one Generation!

Don,t you think it is now time that we went back in time and started to eat like our grandparents?

Now that we have got that under our belt then lets look at the reasons why our grandparents ate so much better that we do now.

First and foremost they did not have as much money as we do and so eating out at restaurants did not happen. They could not order these super sized meals  and they could not afford to over indulge.

They could not to buy fancy products and so there just was not any market for products that were not raw. They ate eggs and they ate porridge.

Oh boy do I remember that !… grandmother insisting I eat my porridge before I leave the house!

They ate less food and they ate the right food. Their idea of a meal was meat, potatoes and  2 vegetables. Just yesterday the lady who comes to clean our house once a week was telling me that this is what she still eats. She comes from a farm in N.Ireland and still eats the way she was brought up. I do believe that in the countryside there are people who still eat in this good healthy way.

In the cities…well that another story.

So this sounds boring ….maybe?…. but by eating this way it meant they ate the correct amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats and vegetables and they left nothing on their plate.

None of these prime cuts of meat.  They ate the liver, the kidneys and everything else. Their diet was diversified and they ate food that was in season

That is what you call Clean Eating.

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