Anti-Acne Honey Cinnamon Mask!

If you’re allergic to cinnamon, don’t use this mask. If your skin is very very sensitive, try a patch test on the arm and don’t use if you get any irritation or use 1 TEASPOON instead of 1 TABLESPOON of Cinnamon. Make sure you avoid getting anything on your eyes! ‪All you need is honey and cinnamon! I recommend getting New Zealand Manuka honey because it has natural anti-biotic properties.‬ Follow Theodore for more lifestyle, fashion, hair and cooking tutorials, we will be filming more tutorials on his channel 🙂 Please check out my website, it’s updated daily! ♥ instagram is MichelleFawn ♥ Like me on Facebook! ♥ ♥ Follow me on twitter! ♥ ‪this is not a sponsored video‬


  • reggaesoul16

    Yup. Luckily, the swelling has gone down a bit… I guess I need to be more cautious when it comes to just nonchalantly putting stuff on my face. D:

  • FashionGoddess808


  • Thedrhammm

    This is on my face as I type this.
    I really hope this works.
    I’m so tired if fighting acne.

  • GlamorousAddiction

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  • Kirsten Paul

    I know my face was red and my face also hurt ;-; ….. I commented this before I did it. Sorry D:

  • Kirsten Paul

    Awkward Dolphin ._.

  • riacocopops

    I’m guessing that all of you people who are complaining did not read the description box where she says to do a patch test on your arm :/

  • TheVanillaCows


  • Cuggyable

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  • bobelly39

    I used to do that too. Do so many different treatements and masks and washes etc in the hopes of improving my skin thinking “oh Im not overdoing it, that would be bad”…what a bad addiction 😛 now im bare min. and trying one new product a time every few months.

  • HugsFromBunny

    Dolphins aren’t awkward D: Just rape-y

  • notsorosycheeks

    This made my face extremely red.. like as if i was standing outside in the sun for hours, my face is also very hot. This was awful

  • swagpinky

    You guys should read the description! It’s important to read it instead of just trying it immediately.

  • hermain saleem

    PLEASE DO A VID 4 pimples and blackheads on nose !! Thanks 🙂

  • Magicalflyingkitty

    Someone please tell me this redness will go away :(((

  • SashaStar3629

    Owww help me pls is buuurnning…. I tried it on my wrist… A really tiny bit… No pain… But why?!

  • FruityPearl

    It burned a bit, but it worked amazingly, better than any expensive acne product

  • kiara2002kiara

    So cool

  • ruquaiyafathima

    Luv u.

  • FruityPearl

    Guys, I figured out how to use this without your face burning. Use more honey than cinnamon, and make sure to microwave it. Then, after the mask has been on for the correct amount of time, rinse it off. Here’s the important part. First of all, splash some water on your face. Do NOT rub it. Then, soak a towel, and tap it on your face until your face is clear. I repeat, do NOT rub your face with the towel, tap the soaked towel on. Then, splash your clean face with cold water to close your pores.

  • FashionGoddess808


  • Keirsten Parker

    Tried this I love it! Thanks Michelle ❤

  • FilthyRainbows

    They lick themselves

  • le Yamazaki

    Actually, it shows that you need to read the description when watching YouTube Videos. You are still the one to blame though. lol.

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