4 Minute News Clip Reveals the 5 Root Causes of Stubborn Fat


Take this quick test…


Touch the fat on your face (even the leanest people still
have some fat in their cheeks).


You’ll notice that it’s warm and mushy. But…


When you touch the fat on your belly, hips, butt, or any area
where you have cellulite—you’ll notice it’s much cooler
and harder.


This is the primary reason you’ll notice people lose fat in
areas like their face FIRST…


But in order to get rid of “stubborn” fat you have address the
root causes.


At the link below one of my best friends in the world, Celebrity
Trainer Bruce Krahn, reveals:


The 5 Root Causes of “Stubborn” Fat (and how 
to remove it from your body)


Bruce recently appeared on Canada’s #1 morning show to
share exactly what foods you should eat…


And what foods you should AVOID in order to remove and
get rid of your bodys most stubborn fat areas.


Just click the Next Page button below and you’ll see a short
4 minute news clip of Bruce sharing how to remove this pesky
fat from your body permanently.