Hypothesis for lowering blood pressure

hypnosis for lowering blood pressure

Many people suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. The fast paced world that we live in often has a negative impact on our health. As we try to force more and more things into our daily lives we neglect healthy habits that will keep our bodies from suffering or experiencing chronic disease, such as high blood pressure. We don’t eat the right foods, get enough exercise, get enough sleep or we weigh too much, smoke or drink too much alcohol. All of those daily life factors will affect the numbers in our blood pressure.

Another factor that affects our blood pressure is the stress that goes along with the fast paced living. One way of countering that stress is using hypnosis for lowering blood pressure.

There are a number of prescription medications that your doctor may use to help to lower your blood pressure but you can also use the adjunctive therapy of hypnosis for lowering blood pressure. Unfortunately many of the medications that doctors use also have some significant side effects that can affect your daily life. For this and other reasons more and more people are asking and demanding ways of lowering blood pressure more naturally.

Using hypnosis for lowering blood pressure fits that category nicely. There are no external drugs, herbals or supplements that are added to the chemical mix, only a method of learning relaxation that can decrease your stress level and therefore the constriction of your arteries and finally decrease your blood pressure.

The American Heart Association reports that the number of people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) is rising. Some of the reasons cited are the Westernized diet, lack of exercise, obesity and the use of tobacco and alcohol. Unfortunately many doctors estimate that approximately 50% of their patients don’t use their medication even after it’s prescribed.

And, the complications of high blood pressure are grave. It increases your risk of kidney failure, heart disease, heart failure, heart attack and stroke. Interestingly there are several natural options to treating your high blood pressure without suffering the long term effects of hypertension or the side effects of the medication used to treat it.

First and foremost is to get your blood pressure under control with medication because the risk of heart attack is to great. You can then use modification of your lifestyle – such as decrease or eliminate tobacco, alcohol and saturated trans fats, lose weight, and start a serious exercise program. Using these techniques you will see a decrease in your blood pressure. Be sure your doctor knows your plans so they can monitor you more closely. As your pressure decreases they will be able to decrease your medication.

You can augment the treatment of your blood pressure using hypnosis for lowering blood pressure. This will help to decrease your stress level and the risks that you face from high blood pressure.


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