How Toxins Affect Your Metabolism

Try as you may to avoid toxins, they will find a way into your system.

The long-term use of toxic chemicals and pesticides in agriculture will continue to affect future generations, contaminating the food you eat.

The worrying part is that some companies in the food industry incorporate toxic elements in the products they manufacture.

Toxins and Their Impact on Your Health and Weight

 Marine life, in particular, is at risk of exposure to harmful toxins.

The fish you eat today can be affected by toxic elements, such as TBT.

Fish are exposed to this element because it is widely used in paint manufacturing.  The waste in this process is disposed into the sea, it reaches the fish and starts affecting their health.


Over the years, there have been numerous studies that used fat samples from participants to gauge the level of toxicity. A study conducted in 1987 showed that the fat samples in human adults showed traces of a dioxin and some industrial solvents.


To cut a long story short, the years of research and testing have shown that toxic chemicals do indeed contribute to weight gain and make it difficult for you to lose weight.


These chemicals are known to attach to the process of gene signaling in white adipose tissue.


This results in the formation of new fat cells.


In addition, you deal with inflammation caused by toxins and your metabolism gets affected.

Because the new fat cells being produced are contaminated at the origin, they don’t contribute effectively to the metabolic processes of your body. Among the many effects of this is your body is unable to properly produce leptin.


Generally, fat cells perform a number of important functions within your body. However, the increased number of fat cells brings with them a higher risk of type-2 diabetes. Your thyroid is also at risk, and the gland might be unable to function effectively.



More significantly, a study showed that women who are exposed to the chemical compound DDE bear children with a higher risk of obesity in the future. The bottom-line is that toxin damage might not only result in you gaining weight, but put your children at a higher risk of obesity as well.


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