Why do I pee so much at night


Does your bladder get you out of bed overnight?

I know that mine does!

If you have to go to the bathroom more than once during your 6-8 hours of sleep then you might have something called nocturia.

Either your body might be making too much urine, or your bladder just cannot  hold enough. Sometimes it can be both.

There are in fact many possible causes. Some of these will need medical treatment while others you can manage on your own.

Could this Be What I’m Drinking?

You might just be drinking too much or drinking too close to bedtime. Try and drink less several hours before you go to sleep. Do not have alcohol or coffee late in the day. I make sure I do not have coffee after 5.00. Also make sure you use the bathroom before you go to bed.

Could It Be an Infection?

If you have A urinary tract infection (UTI) will make you have to pee at night. It also may hurt when you pee, your stomach might ache, and you might also have a fever. Your doctor can diagnose and treat a UTI.