Dissolve Stress, Break Negative Cycles, Deepen Sleep… With Music!

Confirmed: the power of healing frequency music…

These 7 “Musical Tones” Dissolve Stress, Promote Healing, Break Negative Cycles, Deepen Sleep, and Mend Broken Relationships…

What if, by listening to a certain kind of music, you could unlock the power to correct physical, emotional, relational and spiritual imbalances?

I know – you’d think I was nuts!

But you’d be wrong because…

I’ve witnessed this healing power first-hand!

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Through my work in the field of natural health and alternative healing, I’ve met some rather “interesting” people that get into some really weird stuff that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, including my worst enemy.

But every once in awhile, I meet someone uniquely gifted who can disrupt the atmosphere and bring positive change.

Let me introduce you to such a man. His name is Michael Tyrrell.

Michael is a creative, passionate, chart-topping music producer, recording artist, best-selling author, brilliant composer, and inspirational speaker.

But more than that, he is an amazing human being who is changing the world (168 countries and counting…) through his life’s work, which he calls Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

His “frequency music” is healing people in ways he never imagined.

Ailments that were crippling people have been diminished or completely eliminated with music.

Some say God is tangibly manifesting Himself through his music.

See what others have said while listening to the free samples on this page.

So where did this music come from?

Rewind to the ancient psalms of David.

Remember when King Saul had a “distressing spirit from the Lord”, and only David the shepherd boy’s music could soothe him?

There was a reason the king demanded only David’s music.

One simple “trick” Michael believes made all the difference.

David’s music was tuned to a different frequency of 444Hz!

Today, over 3,000 years later, Michael has composed nearly 3 hours of music tuned to the “Key of David”.

These 7 musical tones use healing frequencies that have the amazing potential to help your body heal itself and facilitate hard-to-explain results (many would call them miraculous).

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what other people have recently said about Wholetones*:

  • “When I started on Wholetones my blood pressure was always very high, and being a person that resists convention medicines, I was trying meditation and an 80mg aspirin a day to no avail. Headaches were terrible. The first weekend I got Wholetones, I was compelled to listen to it three times a day for three days. If I was working in the garden, at three I would feel a pull to go in the house and recline and experience. Then again at nine and then again when I went to bed. After three days, my blood pressure was normal and has remained so ever since. I now make a routine of a minimum of three nights a week. I am a sixty two year old woman that does not take so much as an aspirin.” ~ Karen Juliano


  • “I have many digestive issues which have worsened with age, one being nausea. I had had debilitating nausea for three weeks with no let up and mere days into my playing Wholetones (all 7 each day) the nausea was gone. Praise God!” ~ Rob Atkinson


  • “My adrenals have been fatigued for ages but within three days, my adrenals have healed themselves.
  • “I can literally feel inside me both in mind and body what this music does. It eliminated nicotine cravings in me!” ~ Michael Foster


  • “Its effectiveness is astounding!  God’s frequencies to heal and restore; what a revelation. I had just received this music before my sister had to have major abdominal surgery twice within 7 days.  During a 13 day hospital stay, she had three of the frequencies playing in her room day and night. When I would walk into  her hospital room there was always such peace; and, the surgeon even agreed to play them during her second surgery.  In her words:  “I don’t know what I would have done without this music with me all the time”.  She is recovering nicely and still plays these frequencies in her home as she recuperates. God’s timing is wondrous. My niece has down syndrome and very close to her mother.  This hospital event could have been totally devastating to her.  I was able to play these frequencies during her stay with me and in the car when we traveled.  She remained calm and peaceful during the whole ordeal and I know the frequencies played a huge part.  Blessings to you dear Michael for being obedient to God’s urgings and releasing these wonderful frequencies to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.” ~ Sharon Hemker


  • “I was feel stressed, depressed had been even thinking about suicide. Since I’ve started listening to your music those feeling have left me.” ~ Betty


  • “WHOLETONES is very effective. There something broken in me that I was not aware of. Wholetones has connected the disconnect in my in my body, that I think was happening between my brain and my gut. I am not as hungry as I used to be. I don’t require as much food. Something very beautiful has happened in my spirit and with God. My focus on Him is clearer with less interruption. I originally bought Wholetones for 36 year old son with autism and bipolar 1. When he listens to Wholetones you can SEE the transformation! He is calmed and experience a change in mood. It has also changed his negative thoughts when they were racing out of control. I am already encouraging others to buy the your book and to buy Wholetones.” ~ Jennifermarie Eurby


Today, I want you to have this beautiful, healing music for yourself

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This music is hard to explain unless you hear it for yourself.

It resonates.

Trust me, you WILL believe in the healing power of this music once you hear Michael’s story.

Experience Michael’s story right now

Listen to the music.

This could be the answer to your prayers.

To your excellent health,

Joe Barton
CEO and Publisher, Barton Publishing, Inc.

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*No customer was paid or compensated in any way for these testimonials.  The results made by these customers should not be considered typical and have not been verified by examining official medical records or documentation.