What are the symptoms of a Thyroid Disorder?


Throughout my years as a health science lecturer I have often come across the misconception of what is an under active Thyroid. Many times I have heard the statement “she is overweight because she has an under active thyroid” when in reality the student does not fully understand the symptoms of this condition .   lets hope that this article

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Are Liquid Vitamins Better?

  While there is no better source of vitamins and minerals than a well balanced diet, it is no secret that the majority of people do not eat a well-balanced diet no matter where they live or their income level. The ease of purchasing and using highly processed foods in our fast-paced society has led to the necessity of taking

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So what is the Deal with Green Smoothies?


  5 Advantages Of Green Smoothies You must have heard a lot of people talk about green smoothies and all their health benefits. Why do so many people nowadays love it? What makes them become a popular drink these days?   They are packed with essential ingredients needed for optimum health and not only that but there are also more

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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?


  Why Bother Knowing Life Purpose?   We bother about knowing our Life purpose because it is  important for us to have a plan for where we want to go. If you understand your lifes purpose then it will give you a meaningful compass in which you have direction and guide in your life. If you’re looking to move into

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Dissolve Stress, Break Negative Cycles, Deepen Sleep… With Music!

Confirmed: the power of healing frequency music… These 7 “Musical Tones” Dissolve Stress, Promote Healing, Break Negative Cycles, Deepen Sleep, and Mend Broken Relationships… What if, by listening to a certain kind of music, you could unlock the power to correct physical, emotional, relational and spiritual imbalances? I know – you’d think I was nuts! But you’d be wrong because… I’ve

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Balsamic Vinaigrette

  You’ve probably been told over and over again that eating salad is extremely healthy and helps you burn fat, but truth is, there are EIGHT salad dressings that can completely sabotage your efforts, and your flat-belly results!    Fortunately for us the top nutritionist Joel Marion just wrote a brand new free report that you can download for free

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