Did you know that Chocolate is good for you?



If you’re anything like me (a bit of a chocolate lover), you’ll be thrilled to hear this:

** Chocolate is actually GOOD for you. **

……..Here’s where I learned about it:



But, there is a catch…[there always is !]…. it’s not technically chocolate that’s good for you, it’s cocoa.

So, you can’t scoff down tons of milk chocolate or white chocolate…….sorry!

It’s got to be dark chocolate, with more than 70% cocoa content.

I bet I can guess what you’re thinking though –

“Dark chocolate is horrible!”

Am I right? ..

All I can say, is give it a chance. Stop eating milk or white chocolate, and only eat the dark

Have a few squares a day and you’ll soon become accustomed to the stronger flavour. I used to hate dark chocolate, but now I really like it!

The awesome combination of enjoying the taste and knowing that it’s actually doing me good at the same time = gets rid of the quilt! 🙂

Here is  a great book on
“Superfoods” where you will learn all about different foods

It unveils all sorts of foods which fight cancer and heart diseaseimprove your brain function, help you sleep,keep you looking young and healthy and a whole
lot more.

Click this link  to have a look:


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this cool book, and of course about chocolate!