How Does EFT Work


EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and was originally perfected by Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer and personal coach. Emotional freedom technique is a simplified version of using Thought Field Therapy, discovered by Dr. Callahan. (1) The ultimate goal of the therapy or EFT is to reduce negative emotional energy in the body and release the potential an individual has to improve or succeed in their work, family or health.


Researchers have discovered that many of the chronic illnesses that we suffer from each day are a secondary problem of increased stress and anxiety. EFT is one method of reducing or eliminating that stress and thereby improving your health, the ability of your body to self-heal, improving your self-esteem and your ability to achieve success.



When most people ask how EFT works it is because they are skeptical, are curious or because they have had a positive experience and want to tell others how it happened.



The areas of the body over which the EFT process works are meridian points long used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for centuries. The concept moved from acupressure to Thought Field Therapy and evolved to a more simplistic and non-invasive technique of tapping over these points. (2)



Interesting these tapping points are those which we automatically reach for when we are stressed or anxious. Do you remember the last time you were stressed and rubbed your eyes, ran your fingers through hair, ran your fingers over your neck or rubbed your temples? Each of these points is extremely close to, or directly over, one of the tapping points used in Emotional Freedom Technique.



The theory is that the tapping releases blocks of energy or interrupts negative energy pathways that were established long ago in your personal history. The issue that has kept EFT from reaching a phenomenal growth rate or acceptance into mainstream medicine is that there is no real explanation of HOW it really works – only that it does work and how it MIGHT work.



Consider how you feel when you face a fear you have. It may be a fear of heights, flying, escalators, clowns or doctors. You can truly feel the fear rising in your body and taking over. You know that the fear is most likely irrational – unless of course you are feeling fear and there is a bear directly in front of you – then it’s not irrational! The fear and anxiety triggers hormonal release that enables you to flee the scene or fight your attacker. But when this fear is irrational and your body has no outlet for the release of hormones, then you begin to develop physical symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety attacks and indigestion.



This fear you feel is based on cellular memory that is buried deep in your body. It can’t be eradicated by simply telling yourself that the fear isn’t rational. You must somehow break the energy pathway in the body that triggers the hormone release and the intensity level of fear or anxiety.



That is where Emotional Freedom Techniques work. By tapping on the meridian points that are pathways for anxiety and fear in the body, you break the pattern and reduce the stress. As the stress is reduced the individual is able to perform at a higher level and improve their health.



The truly interesting piece of the puzzle is that you don’t have to believe in EFT for it to work, it is free, requires no equipment, is easy to learn and has no side effects. All in all, it is a small modern miracle that improves the way that each of us are able to achieve our goals and satisfy our needs.

(1) Thought Field Therapy

(2) University of Vermont: Relationship of Acupuncture Points and Meridians to Connective Tissue Planes