Low Carb Breakfasts


The jury is out on whether breakfast is healthy for you or not.


One camp of nutritionists believe that breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. They believe that if you deny yourself breakfast you’ll be more tempted to gorge at lunch or grab that donut at 10am.


Another group of nutritionists believe that our bodies were designed to fast on a consistent basis. They advocate that we eat our last morsel around 6pm and then not again until around noon. All our calories should be consumed within a 5 or 6 hour period of time during our 24 hour day.


However, no matter which camp you ascribe to, there will be days you awake from a long winters nap and decide that you have to eat breakfast before your stomach eats a hole through to your spine. Of course, that’s metaphorical because your stomach can’t eat a hole through to your back, but you get the picture.


If you are following a low carbohydrate meal plan, you’ll want some ideas for low carb breakfasts that you can grab on the run to class or to work. Nothing will make you grab something that isn’t low in carbs than being late for work and hungry.


Meals that are low in carbohydrates should be high in healthy plant based fats and protein. These foods will make you feel more satisfied during the morning and will take longer to digest. And, although they are healthier for you, keep an eye on the calories and portion sizes.


First thing in the morning you probably don’t have time to whip up gluten free pancakes or time to sit down to skillet baked eggs. As good as those sound, save them for the weekends when you have time to enjoy the meal and aren’t forced to gobble down the food, completely bypassing your taste buds.


Here are some low carb breakfast ideas that are healthy, filling and easy.


1. Peanut butter filled celery sticks, washed down with a full glass of milk.

2. Yogurt parfait with low carb granola and fresh fruit.

3. Whey protein shakes with milk.

4. Scrambled eggs and bacon in the microwave.

5. Vegetable frittata that you can pull from the freezer and microwave. This is a cross between an omelet and a quiche. They freeze and microwave very well. You can even pack them frozen and microwave at work for lunch if you fancy breakfast anytime of the day.

6. Low carb muffins made from flax or almond meal and frozen. Pull it out when you get up and you’ll be ready for breakfast after your shower.

7. Smoothies incorporate the yogurt and berries into something you can drink on the way to class or the office.

8. Wrap scrambled eggs and sausage in a low carb tortilla.

9. Low carb protein bars are an easy grab and go food, but may not be as satisfying as the egg and sausage wrap.



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