My personal Experience with statins

If you have been diagnosed with high Cholesterol then chances are you have been advised to take Statins.

This is what I was advised to take about 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with

high Cholesterol.

I did not take them

I am still here by the way ….. healthy and energetic and doing  ok for my age…a young 61!

My clinic rang me a few times to come in and see the Doctor and so eventually I did. It was at this appointment that I told the Doctor I appreciated he had alerted me to my high cholesterol but I was not going to take Statins.

I gave the Doctor my reasons “why not” and we had a good 20 minute discussion where he told me that he could identify with my reasons why I would not take Statins. He also could see that my nutritional knowledge and background research on this topic allowed me to make informed decisions about my own health.

I had no other risk factor and was not willing to set myself up for any other complications or side effects that come from taking Statins.

That was 5 years ago.

The discussion I had with the Doctor that day is very much summarized in

on this website here

If you have high Cholesterol and have been advised to take Statins then do yourself a favor…read this first!

It totally speaks the truth!

Do what I did and take responsibility for your own health