The ONE Source of all Disease …….the ONE Cure

You know, if you think back to every time you got sick…

Whether it was a stomach thing…

The flu…

A wound infection

We were all brought up to believe it was something “out there” that “did it” to us.

There was some kind of “bug”.    Or there was a “virus”.

And to a degree that’s true.

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But would it surprise you to learn that we are surrounded by “bugs”, “viruses” and “germs” ALL the time?

It’s a fact.

Yes, some are more contagious……and yes, some are more powerful.

But the fact remains, we are surrounded by them  ALL the time.

So why do we get disease when we do?

What I discovered is that, it is RARELY because of what’s OUT THERE.

It is almost ALWAYS because of what’s happening inside of us.

That’s why I believe  that the medical profession studies disease

Medicine studies the “bug” or the “germ” that is OUT THERE.

If you understand what happens inside you that ALLOWS the “germ” or “bug” to make you sick, THEN you can heal from an Illness — virtually ANY illness.

And you can prevent it from coming back.

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