Want Arthritis Pain To Go South? Then Start Heading East


Did you know that Asian countries like Japan, China and Thailand have some of the lowest arthritis rates on the world?


Why are US arthritis rates skyrocketing, –expecting to double in the next 50 years– while theirs continue to plummet?


Scientists are hard at work attempting to get to the bottom of this East meets West arthritis question. However, in a short time they’ve already made a few surprising breakthroughs.


Medical System: It’s been said the US doesn’t have a health care system -it has a disease care system. While doctors stateside are obsessed with handing out pills and potions, Eastern medicine takes a more whole-body look at things.


When an arthritis patient stumbles into a Tokyo doctor’s office the physician doesn’t robotically take out his pad prescribe a medication. He aims to get to the root issue that’s causing arthritis in the first place.http://order0105.4arthritis.hop.clickbank.net/


Fishy Diets: Asian countries eat so much fish you’d think they’d be able to breathe underwater. This fish intake does two things. First, it gives them a bounty of healing omega-3 fats. Also, it replaces red meat that promotes arthritis pain.


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They Move It: Asians are much more physically active than people in the West. Even in highly developed nations like Japan, exercise is much more common than in the US and Canada. Scientists recently published research in Arthritis Care & Research which pointed the finger at the West’s laziness as the primary reason why 1 in every 5 Americans have some form of arthritis.


Healing Herbs: There’s no doubt that our highly processed diets are partly to blame for the “age of arthritis” we’re mired in. But it’s not what we eat, but what we don’t eat that may be doing the bulk of the damage.


While Western cuisine piles on added fat and salt as a “flavor” enhancer, Asian countries use healing herbs like ginger and garlic. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that ginger works just as well as over the counter ibuprofen for arthritis pain reduction.


Veggies: A common sight on the streets of China is an old woman carrying home bags of food from the local street market for nightly family dinner. A closer look reveals bags overflowing with fresh veggies like broccoli, bok choy and carrots.


Fresh veggies are bursting with essential vitamins –like vitamin C- that many arthritis sufferers are deficient in.

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