Benefits of Kettlebell


Kettlebell exercises are trending across the US and the world. Originally they were used to measure weight for Russian farmers, today they are found in gyms and at home because they are versatile and fun to use. They have multiple benefits to your overall fitness program and can be used to focus on sports specific activities. However, when used incorrectly they can also increase your risk of lower back injury and should never be raised directly over head to prevent it slipping from your hand and crashing into your head.


However, with adequate training from a professional who is knowledgable in body mechanics, the kettlebell can provide an amazing number of benefits to the user.


In the first place, the kettlebell will improve your endurance. The kettlebell is used with explosive force through a higher number of reps and sets. This combination will improve your overall endurance and strength will help you to block a shot at the end of the basketball game.

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The kettlebell is often a full body workout. Although there are exercises that will focus on specific areas of the body, such as the arms, core or legs, for the most part most of the exercises will engage the entire body. Because of this it develops a very strong core – both abs and back. Both of these factors are needed to reduce your risk of back injuries, improve your posture and improve your overall health.


The kettlebell will also improve your flexibility and mental toughness. The exercises are often done through a larger range of motion than a machine or traditional weight use. And, because of the higher number of reps and sets, they are tiring! Your body will benefit from the increased exercise through better build up of muscle and endurance and you’ll accomplish this through mental toughness to finish your program.


Because it works the body throughout the program it can cut your workout time in half when structured well. And, after the right instruction, you can accomplish a full body workout at home with minimal equipment expenditure. You burn fat faster and burn calories as well.


The kettlebell is a great muscle building activity and cardio workout when structured that way. You can use the exercises to rehabilitate an injury and you’ll do your daily activities easier.


All of these benefits indicate that you should be incorporating a kettlebell into your weekly routine to reap the benefits. Traditional weight lifting will work a limited muscle group and help you increase the strength of that group but will not give you overall conditioning. Isolated strength training is being replaced with overall body conditioning which is more cosmetically appealing, burns an amazing number of calories per minute and is a practical style of cross training and strength training all in one.

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