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The types of people and conditions which emotional freedom techniques can assist are only limited by the number of individuals who are willing to try the technique. The basis of emotional freedom technique is to reduce or eliminate the negative emotions and stress in our lives which harmfully affect the results that we can achieve in any goal we attempt.


Traditional Western medicine physicians have recently, within the past 20 years, been able to identify many of today’s chronic illnesses and diseases as having a significant foundation in stress. In fact, some estimate that up to 80% of all doctors visits are related to stress and are not treated effectively with medications or procedures. Researchers know that stress affects our immune system and the ability our body has to heal itself. It affects the way in which our cells divide and multiply. It affects our cardiovascular system and the long-term outcomes of the treatment of any chronic disease. (1)




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One of the recommendations that oncologists, physicians who treat individuals who have cancer, encourage their patients to watch or read content that will make them laugh. Researchers know that individuals who have a lighter mood, are not depressed and spend time with loved ones will do better with their chemotherapy and radiation treatments than those who spend their time in a dark room depressed. In other words, medications and procedures do not happen on an island but are affected by the daily lifestyle choices a patient makes. (2)


Researchers have also linked stress related conditions to grinding or clenching teeth, lightheadedness or dizziness, dry mouth problems, frequent colds or infections related to a suppressed immune system, frequent allergy attacks, heartburn or stomach pain, depression, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, difficulty making decisions, frequent crying spells or feelings of loneliness. Individuals who suffer from stress will overreact to petty annoyances, have are reduced work efficiency or productivity both at work and school, will have excessive anxiety or worry, sudden panic attacks or complain of weight gain or weight loss without dieting. Doctors have also linked stress and anxiety to excessive belching, constipation or diarrhea and difficulty breathing. (3)


Interestingly, the majority of the population who lives in industrialized nations suffers from at least several of these signs and symptoms related to the increased stress in their life. Emotional freedom techniques are used to reduce the amount of stress and the negative consequences of those behaviors.


Individuals involved in personal development have discovered that emotional freedom techniques help to encourage an individual along a path that leads to the successful completion of their goals. For instance, someone who is interested in losing weight will find that emotional freedom techniques unblock the underlying reasons why they are sabotaging their own behavior and allow them to successfully lose the weight they choose.


But, practitioners have found that emotional freedom techniques are useful in not only helping individuals to change behaviors, such as anger management, relationship issues, weight loss or eating disorders, but they also have significant impact on others stress related illnesses and conditions.


For instance, individuals who suffer from allergy reactions, insomnia, dyslexia, multiple chemical sensitivities, sports performance issues, addictions, depression and pain management can all find relief and benefits in the addition of emotional freedom techniques to their daily regimen.


There are a large number of impressive case studies which have shown improvements in a wide variety of issues that include personal performance, such as job interviews or public speaking, physical issues such as allergies, migraines or fatigue and emotional challenges such as panic attacks, addictions, obsessions and poor grades. The use of emotional freedom techniques is so global and far-reaching because the underlying issue which it addresses, the reduction of stress and negative emotions, is also so overwhelming.


The number and types of individuals who can benefit from the use of emotional freedom techniques is only limited by the number of individuals who are willing to try. This really may be one of the few things that everyone can benefit from if everyone would want to try. And this is only because everyone is already affected by a large degree or amount of stress and negative emotion, all a part of the normal human condition.


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