Venus Factor my Review

  The Leptin diet from the Venus Factor holds the key for attaining  weight loss success that is meaning eating less food and acquiring  more stamina from it. This is not your traditional diet, but a modification in ones lifestyle where the right food is paramount.

There is recent scientific proof detailing the role of the Leptin hormone so the diet program of the Venus Factor could be the secret to attaining long-tenure weight management through getting enhanced energy, and also  perking up your overall health.

The Leptin hormone regulates virtually any process that occurs in the human body, which is an important factor for  body weight control along with other concerns, such as  cardiovascular health, stress, reproduction and  thyroid function.

So lets look at the Rules in the Leptin Diet with the Venus Factor

The Leptin diet with the Venus Factor has  5 main rules on your routine that  will help you increase your energy level and will help you attain and maintain a healthy weight.


So what are the five Rules

 Rule-1: Do not eat after dinner, meaning finish your final meal for the day at the very least three hours sooner than going to bed.

Explanation: The Leptin hormone will quickly function only during the evening.

If you do not consume anything after your dinner, you are helping and accelerating the operation of fat burning and attaining your fat loss goals faster.


Rule-2: The Leptin diet regime in the Venus Factor recommends a person has  three meals every day, with a gap of five to six hours between meals. Avoid eating unhealthy snacks  between meals.

Explanation: By not indulging in between meal snacks, you give your liver time to get rid of fat globules or triglycerides out of your body. In addition your thighs and hips fats are more probable to melt during the nocturnal hours.

Consuming  snacks between meals is a pretty bad course of action if you would like to reduce weight.


Rule-3: Consume in small servings, meaning finish your meal when you felt about full.

Explanation: Stay away from huge portions. Try to stop eating sooner than you really feel full.

Usually, you  get a full signal  10-20 minutes as soon as you start eating.

Consuming  food slowly is central . This is because you get the full feeling faster while you’re eating your meals. It is crucial that you just always focus on your interior body signals.



Always make your breakfast with protein-rich foods.

Explanation: If you consume protein-rich foods in the morning, there will be a maximum increase of 30% in your metabolism. This will go on for an optimum period of 12 hours.  If you include carbohydrate-rich foods in the morning, they will give you only a 4% metabolic boost. By Adding fruit, cheese, and eggs to your daily breakfast you will  help lose excess fat


 Rule-5: Avoid consuming a lot of carb-rich food.


Explanation: Usually, obese people consume 3 times the essential degree of carbohydrates, that’s a sum their body finds difficult to metabolize. Ensure that you lessen how much carbohydrate-rich foods you eat and make you prioritized foods in your mind, such as protein.


  • The rules with the leptin diet regime advise only healthy foods.
  • The rules are easy to follow to burn fats within the body of the woman effectively.
  • The rules  will also assist users in increasing their level of energy.


  • Users have to forego their preferred snacks in between their three meals.

My conclusion on the venus Factor

The objective of the Leptin diet of the Venus Factor includes consuming less and achieving more stamina through the foods you take in. The advice on the diet  will keep you informed as to the type of foods that are essential for the diet plan to function correctly and assist you in losing pounds and burning extra fats.

You can check out the venus Factor here