Did this Gorilla need to die?

Let me ask you a question…….

What would your reaction be if you saw a three-year-old child inside a zoo enclosure with a 400-pound gorilla?

We all know the reaction of the Keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Their reaction has sparked outrage and when you watch this video you can come to your own conclusion.

I grew up in Africa and I do have a good knowledge of  African wildlife. I also have had pet monkeys and many aspects of their behavior would be similar to this gorilla.

I have formed my own opinion on the reaction of the Zoo Keepers.

Watch the video below of where a small boy finds his way into the gorilla enclosure

Minutes later, zookeepers responded by shooting Harambe and rushing the boy to a hospital. Local media since has reported that the child has been released from the hospital after being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The boy’s name has not been made public.

The Zoo management praised the keepers for their quick response to save the child, but many have named  Harambe’s death as unnecessary.

The Facebook group Justice for Harambe has garnered more than 4,000 likes and says that the gorilla wasn’t acting aggressively, labeling the shooting a “murder.”

One person in the groups states that if the gorilla had wanted to harm the child he would have done it in seconds……

You can see footage below of Harambe and the young child below