56 year old TURNS the clock BACK 10 years in 28 DAYS


It’s the #1 cause of weight gain, joint pain and osteoporosis in
men and women over the age of 50! And…

It’s totally preventable 🙂

So what are we talking about?

I wanna address something called sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia, is a Greek word that means “poverty of the flesh” and can otherwise be known as “Muscle Wasting!”

Nearly everyone over the age of 30, who doesn’t know how to fight it is currently undergoing stages of sarcopenia.

In fact, did you know that between the ages of 30 and 60 the average man or woman loses 15lbs of muscle? And…

Did you also know that 1lb of muscle can burn 30-50 calories per day?

That means by your 40’s your metabolism will drop by burning 150-250 less calories per day…

By your 50’s your metabolism will drop by 300-500 calories per day…

And… by your 60’s if you don’t do anything about this, your metabolism will have reduced by 450-750 calories per day!

Sounds grim?

There is a way to stop this happening


Instead of pretending that I’m the expert in reversing sarcopenia, I’d rather introduce you an expert by the name of Fred Schafer who is a 56 year young, lean and ripped trainer who has spent the last 41 years studying fitness.

You can read Freds advice herehttp://order0105.steel1658.hop.clickbank.net

… he’s the go-to expert on solving sarcopenia so you can get your metabolism and body back!