The #1 fat burning exercise for YOUR metabolic type (different for everyone)…

Did you know there are 3 distinct types of metabolism a person can have? And the specific one that YOU were born with can have a HUGE impact on how easily you lose fat?

The right foods combined with the right exercise can generate substantial fat loss. But only when they are matched to YOUR specific metabolic type.

WARNING: Without knowing your metabolic type, your food and exercise choices may backfire!

Although they may SEEM like healthy choices on the surface, they could be damaging your metabolism and forcing you to GAIN weight… making your fat parts even fatter. This is a VERY common problem.

It explains why your best friend can try something and lose a ton of weight… only when you try the SAME thing… NOTHING happens! Or worse… you actually gain weight.

So the key is to eat and exercise right for YOUR specific metabolic type.

Interestingly, recent research has discovered the likelihood of what your metabolic type may be:

* Type A – 37.04% of people

* Type B – 26.67% of people

* Type C – 36.29% of people

But pinpointing YOUR specific metabolic type can be a very complicated process. Gender, food preferences, exercise tolerance, genetic heritage and your unique biochemistry all play a role.

Fortunately, there’s now a way to figure out YOUR specific metabolic type in only 30 seconds.

It’s 100% FREE (for now) and generates a customized action plan. You’ll get THE best fat burning foods to eat as well the #1 exercise protocol that stimulates YOUR specific metabolism to shred fat:

==> The #1 fat burning exercise for YOUR metabolic type (and the best fat burning foods to eat)…

I just did this and was shocked at my recommendation — it explains a lot of what I’ve experienced.


P.S. If you are metabolic type B, you have to be VERY careful how hard you push yourself. Going ultra-low carb and super-high intensity on your workouts are the LAST things you should be doing. Since type B is VERY common, this is something you should find out about yourself right now by going here.