Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) remedy? HELP?!?

Ive been struggling with bacterial vaginosis for like a month now! I dont have any health insurance and yesterday I went to a free health clinic to see if I could get a prescription for metro gel! well after waiting for 2 hours the doctor came and saw me.. he asked me what the problem is I told him I believed I had BV and he prescribled me Metronindazole (without even checking me out)

Now Ive had BV before and I was told to either do a gel for 7 days or take a pill for 7 days.. The doctor told me to take the Metronidazole (500mg) ONCE..just ONE pill!

Well the prescription came with 4 and the one pill didnt do anything! so im going to take the rest (one every 12 hours)

If this doesnt work I cant go back to the clinic because each follow up visit is 100 bucks that I just dont have. Im hoping someone on here can give me some home remedies.. Ive heard of douching with hydrogen peroxide but I dont want to do that..but what about hydrogen peroxide in my bath water?? if so how much??

please help me!


  • Marie

    Millions of women suffer from bacterial vaginal infection that causes pain, itching, fishy odor and discharge from the vagina. There are several bacterial vaginosis remedies that can solve this problem. This problem is caused due to overgrowth of bad bacterium in the vagina. Natural remedies work by restoring a good balance between the bad bacteria and the good protective bacteria.

    Before you start any natural bacterial vaginosis remedy it is important to visit a gynecologist to make sure it is a BV problem only. There are several other vaginal ailments that have similar symptoms. So always consult a doctor for confirmation.

    Natural bacterial vaginosis remedies are the best and the safest ways to get rid of this problem. These natural treatments don’t have any harsh substances and give excellent results without any side effects.

    Here are 3 popular natural Vaginitis treatments that you may try:

    1) Buy some grapefruit seed extract from your local herbal health stores. Mix one teaspoon of this extract with a cup of water. Mix this solution well and apply it to your vagina using a soft cotton cloth. Never apply grapefruit extract directly as it can cause damage to the soft vaginal skin.

    2) Another good bacterial vaginosis remedy is to use acidophilus capsules /suppositories. You can directly insert these capsules into your vagina. In case you buy acidophilus in liquid form, you can mix one teaspoon of the liquid to a cup of water and apply to the vagina. This treatment restores the balance between good and bad bacteria to give you fast relief.

    3) One of the popular bacterial vaginosis remedies that is discussed very often is the homemade goat milk yogurt. This remedy restores the vaginal flora and gives you relief from itching, pain and the fishy odor. You can take a tampon dipped in yogurt and insert it into the vagina.

    If you are looking for a natural remedy to cure Bacterial Vaginosis then BV No More is a program who should look at. The author Jennifer O´Brien is a health coach and nutrition expert who suffered from this infection as well. She followed the usual procedure and took antibiotics after being diagnosed. However, due to the fact that her pregnancy ended in premature labor after thirty five weeks, she decided to study the problem in depth and do some research on her own. After more than nine years of studies and different kind of tests, she found a natural method to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis.

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  • bv can clear up on its own but metronidazole will definitely help so keep on taking it. get health insurance for things like this that can happen in the future.

  • This "doctor" isn’t legit. If he prescribed you something without giving you an exam or testing you, I’m 99.9999999% sure that is illegal.

  • Jessica

    You need Flagyl, not metronidazole. Trust me, it will clear all that up. And hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work.

    And no, BV does NOT go away on its own. If you don’t do any thing about it, it can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which causes infertility.