The DANGER of Skin Creams (and what to use from your Kitchen instead)

Did you know that your skin is your #1 largest organ?

Not only that but the skin is the first in your line of defense against all the nasties out there.

Just the other day in class we were taking about the ways that our skin protect the body. It is called the non specific response to pathogens….think of the response you get when your skin is cut.

In fact it is true to say that if you do not care for your skin then you are weakening your immune system, which means your body will prioritize everything it can to help you fix your immune system, instead of trying to lose fat.

Sounds far fetched but true.

Yet when it comes to face wrinkles  so many people choose ‘Botox’ when there are natural, and cheaper alternatives out there from your kitchen.   

==> A “50 cent facelift” right in your kitchen (+ the DANGER of skin creams)

We recently learned first-hand from one of the most beautiful women we know, while reading her book.  The results are more impressive than the cost of her skin treatment, which is a whopping 50 cents…

==> Look 5 Years Younger In Minutes & Never Leave Home

Take care